Bad Days Are OK

Do you ever just have those days where you just really don’t want to do anything? Everything in life just seems to be completely awful and nothing will help. Or, maybe, you’re just really tired and don’t want to do anything at all. Whatever the reason is, everyone has those days. Sometimes they may even last up to a week but that’s totally okay.

I just recently had one of those weeks and didn’t work out at all. School, work, and life just seemed to completely consume me and even though I love the way I feel after I work out (usually), I just couldn’t get myself to actually do it. I don’t really know why to be honest. You would think that since something makes me feel a lot better I would want to do it, right? But sadly no, that wasn’t the case during that week. Every chance I had I took a nap. I really like to take naps too so that doesn’t help my dilemma because my options are to either work out or take a nap and obviously I kept choosing to take a nap.

The week that I did nothing I also reflected back on a few things such as why I decided to start working out again and what my goals were. I thought back on how great I used to be in the gym (my own opinion) and how much I wanted to get back to that level. I decided to look up something motivational to get my mind back on track and I came across this article. If you have a few minutes you should definitely read it. It talks about how we can’t respond emotionally when we have failed to workout, hit our goals in the gym, or even eat clean food. I’m going to be completely honest and say that I did react emotionally when I took that week off from working out. I feel like most people react that way too. You start to feel like a failure and unsure if everything you’re doing is even worth it because of one slip up. It’s definitely not a good feeling but finding out that you’re not the only one and learning some new ways to handle it really helps.

So remember, it’s not always going to be easy to get up and go work out. Everyone has their bad days and we are allowed to have them. Working out should always put you in a better mood and I’m going to try a lot harder to not let myself miss anymore workouts from here on out.

This is a poster thats hanging up in my parents garage. My mom has her own gym in there and this is probably one of my favorite posters/sayings ever. It’s motivational for me and I love seeing it hanging on the wall while I’m working out.

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