Fit Bottomed Girls Review

If you’re into fitness, I’m sure you’ve come across many different fitness blogs on the internet. I feel like it’s an easy topic to talk about, especially if you’re extremely passionate about it. Well for this post I decided to talk about a blog called Fit Bottomed Girls.  If you’ve never heard about this blog I suggest you click the link and see what it’s all about! You’ll love it.

Fit Bottomed Girls is run by two women, Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour. Both women write posts for the blog and seriously they are all amazing. The topics range from workouts, motivation tips, to nutrition. The post aren’t just a bunch of words thrown on the page. They incorporate several pictures and GIFs which I feel make the posts funnier of course but also more enjoyable and easier to want to read. If you can somehow make fitness topics funny then you’re definitely doing something right and I’m up to seeing what it’s about.

To me this blog is all around great. It’s run by women, and I think it’s wonderful when I see women empowering, helping, and encouraging other women.  If you’re ever feeling down about yourself in any way, there’s posts on here to help get you out of that funk. Maybe one day you don’t know what to eat and feel like throwing all your hard work down the drain with bad food, well I can guarantee that you will find great recipes on the blog to help you not do that.

I’ve loved this blog ever since I discovered it. All the posts are real and straight up. They don’t sugarcoat anything but they also give you encouragement and motivation as well. Those are the same things I’m trying to do here while I go through getting back into shape. It’s not an easy task but when you have motivation and support from other areas it makes your journey that much easier. Hopefully you like Fit Bottomed Girls as much as I do and hopefully you like my own posts as well.

Until next time everyone!

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